Cedar Rapids, IA— Nationally recognized “green industry” businessman and speaker Dwight Hughes Jr. Shares his unique methods and philosophies in the book-video package Systems for Success: Strategies for Maximum Efficiency in Landscape Installation and Nursery Production.

The culmination of 25 years of business development and public presentations, Systems for Success is a lively, readable and viewable guide to Hughes’ application of time, market, and employee management principles to landscape and nursery operations.

“My mission is to share a management style and philosophy to increase professionalism in our industry,” the author says. “We have fantastic horticultural technology and wonderful landscape architecture methodology available to us. What I continually notice to be lacking in many firms is the ability to apply sound general business principles to plant growing and landscape techniques.”

The 8½ x 11 softbound book contains 140 black-and-white photos detailing many aspects of Hughes’ labor-saving systems, including tree handling and planting, truck customization, customer service and nursery production. These previously unpublished photos illustrate 96 pages of down-to-earth tips, ideas, and analysis that any nursery or landscape business can use to boost its efficiency and profitability without adding to its payroll. The 35-minute video features dozens of time and labor saving methods for the landscape and production nursery. Hughes also explains and shows the development and operation of several customized pieces of equipment, including the Tree Boss, Articulated Backhoe-Loader and pneumatically powered Tree Wrapping Kit.

Systems for Success is now both a thought-provoking book and a visual experience creating a package designed for anyone in the green industry who wants to build a more profitable and professional company. College students in professional horticulture programs will learn first hand how to establish a successful career.