Dear Shade Tree Customer,

Because of your concern and our interest in the growth of your trees, we are sending this informative sheet to answer common questions you may have.

WATER: We encourage you to thoroughly water newly installed trees once or twice a week the first year according to weather conditions. (trees 12-15 gallons and shrubs 2-4 gallons) Apply water with a hose or bucket from the top. We do not recommend “root feeders”. Irrigated yards can be detrimental to newly establishing trees, which only need 1/3 the amount of water that new sod needs. We recommend that grass be maintained at minimal water levels to avoid drowning the trees.

BASIN: Your tree should have a mound of soil around the perimeter of the rootball creating a saucer which will hold water. It is very important to maintain the “basin” or “saucer” the first year in order for the tree to satisfactorily get thoroughly soaked.

FERTILIZER: When your tree was installed, it was fertilized with a slow release planting tablet that will feed your tree for two years. We recommend additional fertilizer the third year using “Jobe’s Tree Spikes” Remember that tree roots grow laterally 2-3 feet per year so spike placement should be 6-8 feet from the tree trunk the third year after planting.

TREE WRAP: Your tree arrived with a protective paper that should be left on for 1 year. Maples should be wrapped each fall for winter protection until their trunks grow to 5” diameter. All other tree varieties need only protection the first year.

STAKING: With few exceptions, our trees do not require staking. We develop a strong trunk in our production program. Trees that are staked must be protected from wires, pipes, etc. with cloth or rubber support so as not to damage any bark or limbs.

DEER CONTROL: We have placed a “Tree Tile” on your tree to prevent buck deer from rubbing the bark off. It should be placed on the tree during September, October, and November until the trunk is 4”–5” inches in diameter.

INSECTS: We recommend a general purpose insecticide for nearly all situations. If insect/pests become a problem, purchase an all purpose insecticide and follow the directions on the bottle. Isotox and Orthene are commonly available products.


We want you to fully enjoy the experience of watching trees mature. Feel free to call us for additional assistance.

The Team at Hughes Nursery & Landscaping
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