Dear Birch Customers,

River birch has become a very popular shade and ornamental tree. The following maintenance suggestions are provided to answer your future questions.

River birch is a native tree to Iowa. It is adaptive to several soil types but is very moisture demanding. Thorough watering once or twice a week is essential the first two years of growth. When hot, dry, windy weather prevails, watering every other day is necessary. Yellow leaves appearing in mid to late summer are an indication of more water required. We recommend fertilizing the first of April with 13-13-13 or something similar, at the rate of 1 cup per inch of stem diameter. “Jobe’s Tree Spikes” are also very good to use.

Insects are a minor problem to birch. We recommend a general purpose insecticide if “bugs” become apparent. Purchase an all-purpose insecticide and follow the directions on the bottle. Isotox and Orthene are commonly available products.

We want you to fully enjoy the experience of watching trees mature. Feel free to contact us for additional assistance.


The Team at Hughes Nursery & Landscaping